1. Ready for Take-Off ?

Now this is a 3 1/2 minute orientation video. Thats me down there, Dr Richard Broome.

Forgive my use of words like "tapes." Old habits die hard for reasons you are going to learn later in the course.


You'll need these items BEFORE you start the next video. Just like you are sitting in a live presentation:

  1. Markers: A pack of coloured felt pens (kokis, textas or whatever brand you can find) OR several coloured ballpoint (biro) pens. At least 4 colours. Try to find 1.4 or even 1.6 mm tips if you are buying ballpoint/biros. Try https://www.pilotpen.eu/en/collections/product-categories/gel-ink-rollerballs/frixion-ball-clicker-1-0-broad-tip.html or https://www.jetpens.com/Staedtler-1.6-Maxum-Ballpoint-Pen-1.6-mm-6-Color-8-Pen-Set/pd/9617
  2. Notepaper: 20-30 sheets of unlined paper (photocopier or printer paper will do). If you can find art paper - mapping paper - that works best with the felt pens. The reason is that printer paper is a bond paper which looks like blotting paper if you look at it under a microscope. And that's what it does to the felt pens. A coated paper works great with felt pens - the resulting notes are vivid, easy-to-read and therefore memorable.
  3. Ring binder
  4. Several highlighters: at least 4
  5. A novel: light reading matter - not a magazine or newspaper article - not read before
  6. A textbook: containing factual material you'd like to study - also preferably not read before
  7. The printed TST Manual PDF to download below. Do it now.

RIGHT! Now please pop me a comment below to say you HAVE DOWNLOADED the manual, and where you are up to on procuring the other 6 items. I get your comment as an email and I will thank you for your email.

GOOD! The ship is about to sail on our great voyage together.

TST Manual.PDF