4 Speech Preparation. Set goals and objectives. What do you want out of this course?

You'll need pages 5 and 6 of the printed out Manual pages for this challenging but fun real-life thinking exercise.

During the video, you'll record all your scores so far, evaluate yourself, and then we are all set to discuss how you shaped up against your peers. Then you will set your goals for the course. The video ends with a survey of what you have covered so far and a glimpse of what lies ahead.

Now run the video, take part in the drills, and you're ready for serious fun learning.

If you are ever uncertain about where you are in your progress, return to the last two minutes of the video, or the Course Preview Video in your pre-takeoff video, or the index pdf I've made for you to file in your ring binder.

Hope you enjoy.

WOW. Well done for getting this far! Now for something a little unusual. Please take photos (or screenshots if you've been annotating the Manual PDF) - Photos of the following pages of the Manual:

2 - Initial and Final Testing,

3 - Your Study Notes,

6 - Your First Speech Planning Notes, plus

Your Goals and Expectations for the course.

And use the bottom half of the comment box to upload these 4 files. It will take just a few minutes and will help me to coach you going forward. Please oh please don't worry about your scores. And if you really really want to keep them private - attach your 4 files to an email to me at [email protected]

Now here are the download links to your two index pages. Download, print and I suggest you file them in your ring-binder. They'll help you track your progress.